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"Glenn Fernandez is CHARMING"  - Backstage
"Glenn Fernandez is OUTSTANDING" - LA Weekly
"has a MIGHTY RANGE" - Blog Critics
"employs a FASCINATING & lovely vibrato" - Stage & Scene


HEALING soul and body, one audience member and patient at a time (respectively), Glenn Fernandez spends his nights as a singer and his days as an EMERGENCY ROOM DOCTOR.


This OPERATIC TENOR has been thrilling audiences with his uniquely PURE sound and SHINING, high range. In a review of "A Little Night Music," the L.A. Times noted Glenn as having a "lovely voice." Glenn began his operatic training in Milan with the renowned soprano Patrizia Zanardi. While in Italy, Glenn fell in love with operatic repertoire and realized that he had a gift for expressing the flashy, acrobatic singing found in the music of opera.

While performing around the world, from L.A. to England to Austria to Germany, Glenn found that young audiences and people new to opera enjoyed how he utilized his "mighty range" (BlogCritics) to give performances that were "outstanding" (LAWeekly) and  "charming" (Backstage) to all sensibilities. The sheer UNIQUE quality of his voice, "a fascinating and lovely vibrato," (Stage & Cinema) CONNECT with a wide range of people.


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